Classroom Doodles

I wanted to share a website I stumbled upon called 
Classroom Doodles. 

I have printed some of their free doodles and have put them in my waiting area at school - along with crayons - it's a great way to help students unwind.

You can find over 1,000 free coloring pages at this wonderful site: Doodle Art Alley 

Here's what they say about Doodling:
We all get stressed, nervous and bored for one reason or another. And we all have ways to deal with these states of mind. I like to call them nervous habits. Biting nails, popping knuckles, scratching at my scalp-I do them all. Now not only do these habits annoy my husband, (not that his constant drumming or leg shaking is any better) but they effect me physically and can even bring me harm. Hangnails, scabs, big knuckles, not to mention the bruises I get when I dare to pop my knuckles in the middle of the night in the ear of my husband.  Let's take the classroom environment. The professor is going on and on about something. You've repositioned yourself several times trying to keep your eyes open. You start tapping your pencil only to find your neighbor giving you the look. And you've already been threatened once for shaking your leg on the desk in front of you. You don't dare pop your knuckles. What else can you do? This scenario is all too familiar, and just not with students. Staff meeting, board meetings, conference calls, endless church meetings; they all bring out those nervous habits. Not only does doodling take your mind off of things, it keeps you from harming yourself and annoying others with those habits we have. Think of all the broken finger nails you would be sparing and the dirty stares you'd be avoiding. And on top of it all, you can produce your own wonderful artwork.

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