Back to school with Google Classroom

Back to school with Google Classroom

Before classes begin, make sure you set up your new classes. To do this you click on the plus button on the right side of the screen. Give it a theme:

I color code each semester. For instance, here are two of my classes from Winter 16:

Many teachers delete the courses after the semester ends, but I sometimes keep them for a few semesters to transfer assignments from one semester to the next.  You may archive the old classes.

During my first class, I review the class outline.   I post the outline on Classroom before the first class.  This is posted in the ABOUT section:

I read the outline to my students first before I explain how to sign up for Classroom so I have their attention.

Then I explain how they join the class.  Each class has its own code that you provide for the students.  

Make sure you give the right code to the right class!  

Once they go to Classroom they will be asked if they want to join a class and then they type in the code. Make sure your students use Google Chrome.

Safari or Firefox do work occasionally but don't let your students use these sites - sometimes they are able to sign up using a different server. I usually have a student or two come to me in a panic when they cannot turn in an assignment. Usually, it is because they managed to sign up using Firefox and I didn't notice. So prevent this confusion from the beginning.

You will see the students’ names appear as they sign up.

They will not be able to sign up with an email address other than the one they use for the purposes of official school communication. They cannot use another Gmail account.

I post their first reading during this class and make sure they can access the reading.

I usually assign a short story and have them read it for the next class and then they work in groups (online) during class - I usually begin with my BLACK CAT and WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY ESSAY? assignments.

I manage to work on grammar and assertions while ironing out the glitches of Classroom.

If they work in groups I encourage them to submit one group assignment only and to put their names on the first slide. They can share their file with their group members.

I also go around the room and write down their names to keep track of the groups in case they forget to include their group member names.

Remember to tell them that they must email you directly to get in touch with you (your email is listed in the ABOUT section) and not to hit reply to emails sent via the STREAM.

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