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In all of my first year undergraduate classes I assign Infographics as a way to engage my students in the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. I always find this assignment rewarding for my students. It offers a helpful way to study, a different type of assignment, a way to engage visual learners, and I am usually surprised by their work.  I sometimes have them work in groups of two, sometimes alone, and sometimes they create Infographics as part of their final exam - the other part of their group work or final exam is creating a Dilemma One Sheet - I have a blog post about these here: DAILY DILEMMA

There is a lot of information out there on Infographics and several programs you may use - see below for several links - including one from Easelly. Easelly has an excellent guide: “The 13-step Guide to Building an Infographic.”

The article from Easelly explains what Infographics are and how to use them as an effective classroom tool.
While much of the article explains why and how teachers should use Infographics in the classroom, my approach goes further.  While I have several INFOGRAPHICS available for sale, I also have my students create their own Infographics.  

There are many ways to make an Infographic. I allow my students to use any of the sites below or use PPT or Slides:

I have found the marking of these to be less time consuming than grading an essay. I have created a rubric that helps students see how they will be graded along with student examples so they know what is expected of them - you will find it here:

INFOGRAPHICS in the classroom: 

rubric & student examples

This unit also has a few tricks and tips for you and your students and a Google Slides component. I find it useful to show students what others have done so there are five examples included - the two in this blog are amazing so be sure to show your students these too - I have included them in this TpT unit as PDFs.

You will be surprised at how much energy goes into these creations!

The following examples are from my class on Thucydides:

The following INFOGRAPHICS are in my store and for sale - click on INFOGRAPHICS:

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